Dry Fly Fish Late Winter/Early Spring

Dry Fly Fish Late Winter/Early Spring

Has been pretty good as of late. Yeah, the midge fishing has been pretty good a few days out there. Today? Well, you kinda have to be here to get in on it.

Hard to predict what winter and spring bugs will do. Even for long timers, that live here locally. Hard to predict. Patterns that can get it done include the proverbial dry fly local’s favorite the Griffith’s Gnat. I guess that is an international favorite. All ’round the world. Single small Parachute Adams are always great too. I like really any size Adams. Big or small it will get some attention.

Clusters yes. Singles, yes.

Droppers? I guess if you choose. But the true DFO’s shun that notion.

New patterns coming in daily at the shop. Be sure and stop in for a quick conditions and best reach of the day chat as you pass through Craig. Headhunters open @ 8am daily.

Don’t see any action on the surface that will make your juices flow? How about a small black soft hackle, hand twisted through roaming trout near the surface. Also fun. Or swing it in some barely moving water. That is good as well.

The 1st comment today, of many more reminders ahead of this 2022 year, about the common question I get in my boat about dry fly fishing. Those who “nymph until they see some action, don’t catch fish on dry flies. Nope. Kinda like saying you coulda been a millionaire, but…”

A stupid comment. Both of ’em.

Dry fly anglers catch fish on dries because they go out looking for spots, areas, rising trout, near surface activity. And those who know the historical runs that hold midge are the anglers who succeed.

If you don’t know where to start, ask questions. And keep you eyes open.

Enjoy your weekend out there in Craiglandia.

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