Dry Fly Flashback

Dry Fly Flashback

Dry Fly Flashback

Blowing real hard today. Warm too.

While the wind can blow when it is not warm, or in the midst of a weather change, it certainly blows harder when the air temps are unseasonably warm.

And today is one of those days. 45F. Blowing.

We are dreaming of those better days ahead. Of summer, or lat least spring. Dreams of rising trout. Bugs popping through the surface. Dry fly days.

The image is HH Lead Guide Ben Hardy coaching, in this case well, his guests into a couple dry fly fish. SOL caught the action on digital film, and brought it to you today.

This windy, warm, January winter Saturday.

Dry fly images like this get our motor running. You can see that all anglers are sitting. Fish, trout, have conical vision. Those anglers are under, the cone of vision. If you are a great dry fly angler on the tailwaters, the Mo, like this one, you know to sit. If you are an angler that states to me, or anyone else, “I can’t cast while sitting”…then our comment to you is “You better be a damn good standing, long, accurate caster.” Meaning twice as far as you would need to cast while sitting, or with a low profile. And those that say they can’t, “I bet they can’t.”

Defeatists need not apply to the dry fly game. Nope. Go to the Madison. I bet they have room for standing dry fly anglers…

We say here at Headhunters,“I bet you can.”


Book your dry fly days for the peak months today. June, nearly gone. July, going that direction. Some really nice May days available. 

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