Dry Fly Super Bowl still a few months away

Dry Fly Super Bowl still a few months away

Dry Fly Super Bowl still a few months away

Image: Long time Headhunter Jim Arkin sizing up a PMD flat. Patience along with accurate confident first drifts put Jim in the right mood for success.

A big game today. All of that life long practice, drills, team meetings, travel, skills practice, culminates today in the Super Bowl.

That is what your dry fly trip this summer to the Mo will feel like.

The Super Bowl of Headhunting.

And that is why the practice needs to begin now. Team meetings. Drills. Becoming familiar with long, accurate, presentations and drifts.

Becoming comfortable with the rod in hand. The time is now, to begin readying yourself.

Because the Super Bowl of Dry Fly demands that you have put practice behind you.

The Super Bowl is time to perform. To shine. To win.

So those that want/need to practice while they are here, in-between failed dry fly attempts, are destined to not accomplish their goals. To fail.

The practicing happens at home. Now. And between now and June, or July.

If this is the year for you to win while casting at the Missouri River finicky brown trout; Start now my friend.

You get to see the net more often if you do.

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  • In the park over the weekend, sitting in my camp chair, throwing a reach to a couple frisbee on the grass. 30 minute outing from start to finish. I am not going to miss that big brown sipping along the bank. Well, I probably will, but I won’t miss them all.

    BTW, how do you go to 10 Super Bowls in 21 years. I guess no doubt on the GOAT.

    • Must be good that Tom Brady. He is the GOAT. I’d like to see a video of you casting in the park Steve. And the people walking by…

      Thanks Steve. Perfect practice makes perfect!

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