Echo Glass Switch and Spey

ECHO Glass Spey & Switch in Stock

They’ve finally arrived, the much anticipated and touted ECHO Glass Spey & Switch models. We’ve been playing with these for a couple of months (we magically got our hands on one of the early production models), and it’s thumbs up from everyone. Easy casting, powerful and fun. Yes, fun. How can a fly rod be fun? Try one and see.

While we – and other reviewers – believe that these are great learning tools, they are also deadly in the hands of experienced spey casters. It’s one big spring that cannot be overpowered. They are also relatively light, considering how much glass and resin is involved in the construction.

The price is unbeatable, and I’ve stated before that the price would appeal to many as a second or third rod, but we would have no problem using these as a primary rod for nearly any two-handed application.

We have the 12′ 4″ #6, 12′ 9″ #7 and the 11′ #6 in stock and available for demo. Swing by and try them out if you’re in Craiglandia. Get your’s now, as I don’t expect them to last long.

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  • I see that Squeeky OL is gonna be speaking at the TU meeting in Bozangeles; bummed to miss that. I got my own gig at the WSTU meeting in MSLA. I’m gonna show folks how to tie the ol’ Buzzball. Easy tie, killer results! I owe you all big-time credit for turning the world and me onto LaFontaine’s creation some years ago. Killer on the MO and killer on the Upper Clark Fork! Thank you!

  • Will Polansky
    January 14, 2015 2:23 pm

    Purchased and fished the 7 Wt yesterday. Super fun and we appreciated the advice and time you took to line us out!

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