ECHO TR2 Trout Spey Rod Video

ECHO TR2 Trout Spey Rod Video

Our #1 favorite Trout Spey Rod.

Our #1 selling Trout Spey Rod.

It could be your #1 Trout Spey Rod.

Give us a call and get one in the mail today.

Or swing into the shop and demo this bad boy. The 11′ 3 and 11’3″ 4 weights will keep you in the water, in the fish, and interested for years to come.

We have piles of demo lines to try along with the ECHO TR2. We certainly have our favorites too.

Skagit or Scandi. We have it all at Headhunters of Craig Montana.

Read John’s full review here. Totally worth it.

Trout Spey Hotline 406-235-3447.

We answer spey questions and clear up confusion daily @ 8am.

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  • Well if that don’t beat all. Bought a 11’6″ #6 Orvis xxxxxx rod (didnt say it) for winter steelhead on the Clearwater. I was thinking it would cover the trout spey and the steelhead all in one. The set up is a 100gr heavier than the aforementioned tr2 setup, just tell me it will work fine, please. If not, I can endure the pain of hearing I need to buy another set up

    • If you think it’s great Richard, it is! Lots of trout spey rods out there today, the ECHO TR2 is one of them. Under $400 bucks too. We don’t get hung up on brand Richard, we are focussed on the correct match/performance for the water you are fishing, the two handed angler.

      • Well, I really wont know if it’s the right one or not till Josh and I work it out in April. Thanks for the very tactful answer.

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