Eclipse Missouri River Fishing Report

Eclipse August Missouri River Fishing Report

Eclipse August Missouri River Fishing Report

Fished yesterday Craig to Spite Hill during the eclipse. Fished all by my lonesome. Nice. Ate plenty of smoked salmon, pistachios, and drank several pouches of Capri-Sun. It was perfect.

Ddi the fish rise better during the shade, eclipse period? Nope. But it was surreal. Not a lick of wind. Dead calm and shady. Did take off my sunglasses for about an hour.

Not another soul on the river. Boat I mean. There were two anglers on Hemingway Flats tossing dry flies. No hook-ups in the time I was fishing across the river from them. Did look like there were quite a few rising trout on that west side of the river. I’m sure they were finicky bitches. They can be after a couple summer months of pressure. What a fantastic spot to rise though. One of the better wade fish flasts on the entire Missouri River. Gotta be the longest for sure.

But no other anglers beyond those two at Hemingway. Only a couple cars at the Craig Boat Ramp, but they were already waiting there for their owners to float from the upper river.

Trico Spinner fall not too good below Craig. Only a few fish up for the entire float. I would say less than 50. Were they catchable? YEs, but…

If you are not fishing your “A” game, and I was not, they will not bite your fly. In fact they stop rising if you are not perfect. Every time.

Clusters worked for me. Ants did too. Bad presentations did not.

Better spinner falls starting at the dam and below Wolf Creek Bridge too. The best techy dry fly action is up top.

Good to great reports of blind hopper fishing and terrestrial action this last week. The standards will work. Pink and purple hoppers, low riders, high riders, parachutes. Fish anywhere on the river. Top to bottom. Some anglers having some success all the way to Cascade.

Weeds in the water column are an issue. If you want weed free action row around at the dam. Or wade fish up there. Not an problem there. Seems below Prewitt Creek you find fewer weeds too. Do they get all churned up and disappear in those rapids? Who knows, but it is better. Weeds will start to vanish…in another month. Fish the weed lee, side of the river, and find better success.

No pressure here at all. It is quite nice.  Guide and lodging availability daily. TYhings pick right back up after Labor Day.

Brews and Browns Festival cancelled. Not enough brewery participation. Seems like every community has one of these, so we did not fare well. Maybe next year. Joe’s and Izaak’s open for business. Looks like 710 Ashbury will play on Izaak’s Log Jam Saturday September 9th. A Dead cover band. Really good. See you then for beers and musical hi-jinks.

Big Labor Day Sale @ Headhunters September 3, 4, 5. 50% off all flies. Uep. The best in fly sales in the Tri-County area. Demo rods, fly lines, 50% all fly boxes, women’s wear, Headhunters Logo Wear, reels…and more!

Blackfoot River Trips available from Headhunters. Get out across the divide for some freestone fun!

Shop open daily early and late. Get all your summer goods in downtown Craig at your favorite fly shop.


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