Efficient Missouri River Nymph Strategies

Efficient Missouri River Nymph Strategies

Want to catch more with a nymph rig? Yeah, we agree. Follow the simple strategies and tips below to improve your catch rate this fall.

Take advantage of the lower water by targeting the subsurface structures efficiently.

Toss short. Drift long. The other more common method is to toss long. Drift short. Disregard the latter. Cast the nymph close to you. Drift it way from you. If you cast out all your string, you cannot extend the drift well. You have given all of your string away on the initial move. Cast the flies close to you, then drift them away from you.

Like above, always start short. When wade fishing fish that killer water right in front of you. Then, after you have worked through the region, make the hero cast. Dudes commonly make the Hero Cast first, then back track. Well, that is backwards man. Not a smart approach.

Adjust your depth. Generally a good thing. But with the lower flows, you can set it pretty short and adjust your spot. Either by moving on foot, or by a boat adjustment. Look for the faster water and capitalize. But, if you like to be in the zone, look at your water, look at your depth, and adjust accordingly. You gotta be in front of them. We try to get the flies a couple inches above the bottom for the most part. Unless…

You gotta mend. Lots of anglers just do not get the mend thing correct. Most. Mending your line, not all the way to the indicator, is wrong. Mending the first 10% from the rod tip, is wrong. You gotta get slack near the bobber bro’. That is the only operative portion of your rig. The area, the length, the region, the spot, the last 10% nearest the bobber.

Short rod tip movements while mending do no good. In fact they exacerbate the issue. Usually taking all of the slack line from the equation. Honest. Those who mend the most, and the most efficiently, catch more. BECAUSE THE DRIFT OF THE BUG, IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Many never understand the goal. Many certainly do not. And participation in your drift is imperative for success.

The bait and wait technique is for worms. The wiggly kind pulled from a styrofoam cup.

And, lastly, change the flies if they do not work. If you believe you are infant of them, do not wait forever. 20-30mins is certainly enough time to make your judgement.

Many local and regional anglers get a guide trip a couple times a year to familiarize themselves again with the Mo River plan. It is not the regular plan of tossing the flies at the bank. Nope. Not the deal here. We fish structures, but often not on the bank. Off the bank, weed lines, undulations, drop offs in the center of the river. Yeah, a good idea for those who visit the Mo for the first time as well.

The Missouri River is not an intuitive river system. Nope. Different than most other rivers. Come by the shop, get a guide, fish with a knowledgable Mo River friend to get a leg up on the Nymphing Techniques most often associated with the Mo.

Open everyday for guide trips and lodging and the shop is always open. Daily. We love to educate. It is a primary goal of ours here in Craig to help the Mo River angler. Couple that with the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, long time career fishing guides, friendly shop staff, and free coffee.

See you in Craig this fall!


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