Epic Glass Rods Montana

Epic Glass Rods at Headhunters

Headhunters has just received some of the highly touted EPIC fiberglass fly rods from Swift Fly Fishing.¬†These will be demo rods for customers to try, either in the casting lane or on the river. They’ve been out on the grass constantly since we unboxed them the other day.

Epic rods are built in New Zealand, and are available as both built rods or blanks. Many of the world top custom builders are using them, and the “fast glass” action is pretty remarkable. Light in the hand for glass, and pretty quick.

We have the 8′ #4, 8′ #5 and 8’6″ #6 at the shop. Whether you would be interested in purchasing one or not, I’ll promise you a smile will appear on your face when you start to throw. Come by and check them out for a few minutes or a day on the water.

Epic glas rods Montana

Epic rods are “studio built” in New Zealand, and you get to make a few choices when ordering. Blank color (above), reel seat color and style (limited), fighting butt and grip style. Every Epic I’ve ever seen was beautiful. The blanks are translucent and backlight makes them glow.

I’m very curious to see what the reaction to these rods will be. They are probably “niche” rods for most, but the performance is capable of using them as a daily driver. They are so fun to cast that you will want to drive them daily.

Below, Headhunters staffer Alex Husby is stretching out the line with an 805 Epic. He liked it, along with the others.

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  • How do these compare to the Orvis Superfine in similar weights/lengths (esp. the 580)? Been looking at them for a while, and they are beautiful, but I haven’t had a chance to play with any as they’re hard to find locally.

    • A little faster and more powerful. Orvis feel like very good versions of classic glass rods. These feel a bit more contemporary. I’d be more likely to use the Epic every day. Both are great.

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