Euro Kit Christmas Special!

Euro Kit Christmas Special!

Euro/Competition nymphing has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the fly fishing industry in recent years.  Many anglers have applied these different techniques to their local waters and have seen their catch count increase.  If you have been curious about this style of fly fishing but have not yet bitten the bullet or if you have already experienced the Euro nymph phenomenon and want to add to your quiver, we have a deal for you! Yep, a deal!

Starting today and going until they are gone Headhunters will be offering a Cyber Monday Christmas Euro Special including all you need to get started in the Euro Nymphing game at drastically discounted prices! $865.00 worth of gear available to you, our loyal blog reader for $620.00. NO, that is not a typo.  Included in this incredible Holiday Deal.

Echo Shadow X 10’6” 3WT  MSRP $459.99

The Echo Shadow X, designed with the help of 2018 World Champion Norm Maktima is packed with features found on much higher priced rods and boasts some very clever features that are unique to it.

The 10’6” 3WT offering is the “Goldilocks” of Competition Nymphing Rods.  At 10’6” it gives you the extra reach over a 10’ rod, yet with its’ advanced high modulus graphite, 20% less weight than the Shadow II, feels much lighter in hand than an 11’ rod.  The 3WT has the backbone to handle larger fish but is still light and fun to fish in smaller water for smaller fish. The 10’6” 3 WT is not too long, yet not too short, not too heavy, yet not too light.

Downlinking real seat on the Shadow X

The Shadow X features a matte black finish for stealth and a down locking real seat to help balance the longer length rod.  The stripping guide is attached to the butt section of the rod to help eliminate line sag in front of the reel.  Features found on the more expensive offerings from the competitors.

Buy it now! $620 for all of it!

The Shadow X has several features that make it stand out from its more expensive competitors.  Single foot guides help to cut the swing weight of the rod and reduce fatigue. Do you like a rod with a fighting butt?  The Shadow X has you covered.  Hate fighting butts?  No problem, with the Shadow X switching from one to the other only takes a minute.

A sweet looking Euro Stick

In my opinion the most innovative feature of the Shadow X is the ability to fine tune the balance of the rod through the combination of up to 3 different weights that can be added just behind the reel seat.  Echo first introduced this concept with the Shadow II but it came as part of a Competition Kit available for purchase separate from the rod.  The counterweight system and removable fighting butt come included with the Shadow X rod and are a unique feature not found on the more expensive rods of the competitors that allows you to dial in the perfect feel for your set up.

Echo Shadow Click Reel 4/5 MSRP $99.99

We decided to pair the Shadow X rod with the Shadow Click reel, like its namesake the Shadow Click reel boasts some unique features that make it stick out from the competition.  The reel is designed around a durable, yet light weight alloy skeleton frame and features a unique adjustable “Line Window”.  The “Line Window” keeps very small diameter lines used in Euro nymphing from jumping outside or jamming inside the reel frame.  The angle of the Line Window is easily adjusted by simply twisting and then tightening a knob on the side of the reel, adjusting the angle of the line window helps to eliminate tangles in the thin and sometimes memory prone lines used in Euro Nymphing.


The click/pawl design is the essence of simplicity and dependability.  The reel is supplied with and extra click/pawl and switching the retrieve is simple and intuitive.  The pawl is designed to provide more resistance to line going out, and less resistance to line being reeled in, this feature along with the extra large arbor, insures you can take up line fast enough to keep that monster fish tight.

Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Line MSRP $59.99

The Shadow Click Reel will come spooled up with 100 yds of Rio 20 lb Dacron (MSRP $9.99) and a Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Line.  The line features a low stretch core to help with secure hook sets and has loops on each end for versatility.  Competition Legal, the line features a 21’ front taper to help turnover light and long leaders.  Designed as a Double Taper, when your line gets worn out or damaged, you can flip it end for end and have a fresh line.

OK. I’ll take one!

Orvis Tactical Nymph Leader MSRP $11.95

The Orvis Tactical Nymph Leader is 13’ and comes with 2’ of integrated Tricolor sighter.  This is a tapered knotless leader and will help turnover lightly weighted nymph rigs.  It comes ready for you to attach tippet and flies with a perfection loop on one end and a 2mm tippet ring on the other.

Orvis Tactical Sighter Tippet MSRP $10.95

Using Orvis Tactical Sighter Tippet and your choice of tippet you will be able to build leaders fine-tuned to your local waters.  The tricolor sighter alternates white, red, and chartreuse providing the best visibility in a variety of light conditions and comes on a 10m spool, enough to build a number of leaders.

Slimline Fly Box MSRP $14.95

A clear, low profile box that easily fits in the pocket of a wading jacket, yet provides plenty of room for a day on the water.


A Euro Starter Fly Box

$200.00 worth of flies

That’s right! 66 Euro-specific flies hand selected by Shop Manager Derek (Lord of the Flies).  Derek selected these flies to build a box that would serve as a good foundation for the Euro Nymphing game, add some local favorites and get catching fish on waters near you.  High quality flies, most have beads, many are on jig hooks, some are barbless, all are killing patterns.

Extra Supplies (Stocking Stuffers)

Your tippet of choice is all you will need to add to your Euro Christmas Special and you’ll be ready to fish.  Headhunters Fly Shop carries spools of nylon and fluorocarbon tippet from Rio, Scientific Anglers and Trout Hunter.  We also stock tippet Rings from Rio, Orvis and Scientific Anglers as well as micro swivels from Rio.  Stock up, you will need them.

The Big Picture

Echo Shadow X 10’6” 3WT, Echo Click 4/5 Reel, 100 yds 20lb Dacron backing, Rio FIPS Euro Nymph fly line, Orvis Tactical Nymph leader, Orvis 0X Tactical Sighter Tippet and…$200.00 worth of high quality flies, carefully arranged in a clear Slimline fly box. Add water, catch fish.

$865.00 of carefully matched gear for $620.00. You might need to think about getting a bigger Christmas tree this year!

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