Do you ever feel like this? It's Monday.

Do you ever feel like this? It’s Monday.

Do you ever feel like this? It’s Monday.

We feel like it is Monday.

It’s warmer out today with snow on the way tomorrow and beyond. Bring it. Stack it up in the Rockies. We need it for summer.

Some anglers getting out today before the storm. Some long timers headed out in the slight wind today. Lots of anglers out this past weekend. Lots. Looks good for the upcoming weekend too.

Big event at the capitol today in Helena with the Public Lands Rally. A Headhunters contingent is there with signs and bodies. More on that later.

Pink is word for the next few months. Yep, get used to it. Hot Wire Ray Pink, Rainbow Czech Nymph, Pink Amex, Ninch’s Bubble Yum, Firebead Rays Oink and Grey, Bloom’s Tungsten Weight Fly Pink, Allison’s 2 Tone Scud, Sili Scud, Pink Lightening Bug, UV Yum Yum, Tailwater Sow, Lucent Bead Pink Ray, Killer Bug Oyster Flavor, Ninch’s Thunder Bug, Wire Worm Pink, Bloom’s Tungsten Rainbow Weight Fly…and the Zebra.

Streamers that the swingers are all hopped up on include BH Simi Leech, Lightnin’ Bugger Red, Mark’s Fryolator, Foxy Clouser, Ninch’s Water Gremlin,Skiddish Smolt, Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow in lots of colors, Olive Flesh Eating Sculpin, Black Bugger, Pig Pen Leech, Kreelex, Lord of the Fry, Thing-A-Ma-Jig Black.

Lots of Just Add Vise Kits going out the front door and online. Tie some Missouri River favorites this winter before your trip this summer. Get some!

Ninch is stocking up for the season ahead with tons of flies. Headhunters is your fly source in Craig Montana. We have the goods.

New gear coming in daily too. SIMMS, lots of YETI accessories, Headhunters T’s and hats, cold weather clothing, new boat bags and the leader in all things trout spey.

Open daily from 8am-5pm.



P.S. Saw a couple midges on the water yesterday. Keep it here for immediate up to date hatch info. 

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  • Pink is good.. Missing the Mo on this Monday……

  • Way to keep up the high energy flowing and sharing the great information Mark. I am taking a break from my vice to read the blog. I tie each night getting ready for the Mo this summer while we have record snows and low temperatures this winter in southern Idaho. The flows should be awesome this summer from all the snow pack on the Henrys Fork too!

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