Falling off here in July

Falling off in late July

Falling off here in July

The masses have left, or gone to the Madison. Wherever they may have gone we are moving on here on the Missouri River.

Trico’s are the game here with the terrestrial making up the remainder of the day.

Crayfish for those who like trout under the surface.

Warm and hotter weather on the way here for us on the Mo. Really quite warm and we do not appreciate it. Warmer nights too will push the water temps upwards this next week. Warm, hot, sweltering weather on tap for the next 10 days.

Falling off here in July

Come by and get yourself protected from the flaming ball in the sky with our sun protection zone here at Headhunters in Craig.

Hot Missouri River Trico’s include…

  • Hi-Viz Spinner
  • Two Winged Trico Spinner
  • Harrop’s CDC Spinner
  • H & L Variant
  • Stalcup’s Cluster Midge
  • Buzzball
  • Eric’s Trico Spinner
  • Drowned Spinner Trico
  • Brook’s Sprout Trico
  • Pearl Butt Spinner
  • Trapped Dun Trico
  • UV2 Sparkle Spinner

Killer PMD Patterns for July include…

  • Poly WIng SPinner
  • Hi-Viz Trico PSinner
  • Hodek’s Pale Morning Dung
  • Quigley’s Half Dun Hatching
  • Harrop’s D & D Cripple
  • Nymen’s DOA Cripple
  • Harrop’s CDC PAra Spinner
  • Rusty SPinner
  • Silverman’s Stacker Spinner
  • CDC RS@ Emerger
  • ¬†Magic Fly PMD Russty
  • UV2 Rocky Mtn. Emerger

Caddis Flies for the Mo you cannot live without include…

  • UV2 Caddis
  • Cornfed Caddis
  • X-Caddis
  • Bloom’s CDC Caddis
  • HF Caddis
  • William’s Egg Laying Caddis
  • Elk Hair Skaddis
  • Double Duck Caddis
  • Missouri River Special
  • Translucent Emerger
  • Stocking Wing Caddis
  • Wilcox’s AC Caddis
  • Bloom’s Parachute Caddis
  • Soft Hackle

Missouri River Terrestrial must haves include…

  • Shany’s Mongo Hopper
  • Bloom’s Ant
  • Chubby
  • Ninch’s Peanut
  • Sweetgrass Hopper
  • More or Less Hopper
  • Gould’s Western Lady
  • Jake’s Trigger Belly Hopper
  • Donkey Kong Hopper
  • Stenerson’s CFO Mini Ant Brown
  • Dangerous Dan Guard’s Fat Bubba Ant
  • Delektable Flying Ant

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 6am til 9pm. Love to help you here in central Montana with early morning flies, guides, and always the best in lodging!




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