February 22 Missouri River Fishing Report

February 22 Missouri River Fishing Report

February 22 Missouri River Fishing Report

All good in this river neighborhood.

Water temps above 34F

Water levels below 4K. Barely.

Swing bite is good. Mostly deep but a few fish found on secondary ledges/drops int eh pm. Olive and black seem to be the colors, at press time. Skagit heads with at least a section of T-8 to get you down. Longer sections of the T-* OK too. Headhunters has the Trout Spey Gear! Your 1st stop for Trout Spey in Craig.

Headhunters is your fly line source on the banks of the Missouri River. The best selection in the trip-sounty area!

Dry fly afternoons and mornings? Yep. Better with clouds blocking the sun. Midge dry flies. Your choice. Small clusters, larger clusters, and single posted cripples.

Nymphers? Yeah, you bet. Pink, sow, midge, worms. We got bobbers, all of them, many flavors.

Strippers? Decent as well. Find them in deeper back ended run regions. Strip it slow, or medium slow. New sink tip for your pleasure in 2024?

Guide trips available daily. Guides out this week swinging trout spey flies, rods, lines. Enjoying the nicer weather and water temps above the 34F mark.

Lodging here in Craig too. www.CraigLodging.com   is the link with the largest selection of 35+ locations and the finest lodging on the river!

Have a great week. We are looking towards true spring. It’ll be here in the blink of an eye. Book your spring and summer trips today. Lodging and guide availability is diminishing like the ring of the rise…

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  • Thanks for the updates.

  • Love and need these Updates… grateful… they bring to life the daily hopes of many .. Thsnk you for taking the time to write…

    Dis what happens with no winter winter … dem midges and fake bwos be out already ….

    And so…. we all began to check calenadars … dream of time escalating forward only then to pray to demand with pleading promises of goodness…. let my chosen days slow… slow to a stop the time we had urged to rapidly give what are dreams would not let go

    Coming soon … in water … mountains blue skies and the overwhelming volume of nothingness –

    Peace brothers of the fly

    Without family
    Without a true love
    Without a passion
    Without friends……..

    We are ….
    Rudderless boats adrift searching for
    Full of fear

    To love we owe so much

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