February Blues and a Couple High Points

February Blues and a Couple High Points

February Blues and a Couple High Points

February pretty much sucks.

Historically average fishing, that means for the winter months. Not comparing the February fishing to the summer months, but comparing it to the winter months. And average is just that.

Milk Toast.

The good news is the advent of some good midge action. Yessir. On top no less. So tune up your dry fly spider senses and be ready.

Many years ago…is the amount of time since we had a full blown midge spring. I’m thinking 7 or 8. I do remember driving around sipping beverages with John in February and staring at acres of rising fish. Dam to Mid Canon.

But that has been awhile. Maybe we are due for an event like that. It should certainly get our winter blood moving again.

Snow this weekend. Not as much as the sensationalist weather forecasters would hav you believe, but snow nonetheless. A few inches blowing around on this Sunday afternoon as I am writing this Monday blog. Pretty windy out there. Sun and clouds and wind and brief moments of calm.

How about those other high points Squeeky? Yeah, I thought I would have thought of a couple by the time I got to here, writing this blog. But I haven’t. I’ll bang out a couple anyway…

Trout Spey Continues: Decent swing reports for the month. Skagit only, deep tips like T-8 and T11 if you dare, heavier TC Tips and IMOW Tips, leech like flies. Don’t disregard the white fly either. Swing a couple runs. Go to Joe’s. Stop in for Montana’s Best in Trout Spey products and knowledge. Call too. We are your Trout Spey Source in Montana!

Nymphers Think Pink: Deep, slow, pink. Repeat 41 times. Row off. Go to Joe’s.

DFO Gang: Drive around till you see something rise. Stand. Stare. Talk yourself into walking out to the random sippers. Or not. Go to Joe’s.




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  • Looks dog-gone good to me – quiet country by the river. I’d take that and some good bench time any day.

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