Finish Up, Start Down

Finish Up, Start Down.

Finish Up, Start Down.

A repeat of this article from about 1 year ago. I was out all week guiding and watching anglers cast as they passed. 9 of 10 casters fail at this vital portion of the cast. The beginning, and the end. 9 of 10 start with the rod tip high, well away from the water, and finish with the rod tip low, close to the water.

Does not seem to work well. 9 of 10 see the results of that cast, and repeat it. 1 of 10 says to himself…Self, let’s make a change. Let’s try it another way. There may be a better more efficient rod tip path. 

Take a moment and watch others cast. You can learn form this simple task.

Today’s Monday Tip from SOL here on the HH Blog.

Just a simple task. Simple execution. A simple cast. The fly cast.

Those who can replicate, repeat, cast with success every cast all do the same thing. Follow the same path with their rod tip.

All I know is that if you do not follow this simple rule, you will not find consistent casting success. Nope. I dare you to challenge me on this one.

Finish every cast with the rod tip high. Yes, not pointed at the water, or parallel with the water.

Start every cast with rod tip low. Not high. Low rod tip insures that you pull the string right away. Starting with high rod tip sheets you out of feet, of movement.

P.S. You gotta take out the slack in the line before you make every cast. Every time. Not just cuz you feel like it. Step One of every cast is removing the slack from the equation. I dare you to challenge me on this one.

P.S.S. You’ll be wrong. If you think you are right, watch this. If you still think you are right, you are not man. Physics cannot be challenged. Truth.

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  • wayne e clayton
    October 23, 2023 6:06 am

    I tell my clients to pretend the water is 4 feet higher than it is.Seems to work for about half of them

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