Fire on the Mountain, Dead

Fire on the Mountain, Dead

Great rain and thunder storm this evening. Still Smokey ’round here. Vis 4.6 miles when I did and ad hoc measurement at 85mph drifting down I-15.

Let’s hope the smoke recedes this week. Cooler temperatures along with seasonable weather conditions really get out blood pumping here on the Mo.

We love Autumn.

Callibaetis spinner falls locally. Spinners and cripples work quite well. Still decent Trico Spinner ac ton as well. Again, here and there. This cooler weather may put them to bed this week though. Black flying ants are around. The hopper bite has disappeared for many but a few skittering autumn caddis will keep you entertained on some afternoons.

On the docket include the BWO, a smattering of October Caddis, and leeches subsurface. The Swing Bite will improve as well. Lots more ahead of us as we move through the middle of the month and embrace the seasonal changes.

I think she was later than normal this season. The colors, what little we have, have just started the annual pigmental metamorphosis.

Lodging available and guides as well as we move through this month. October and November ahead of us. We couldn’t be more excited to enjoy these fall days. Call today for info, up to the minute fishing reports, the best in local flies, rods, reels, a new streamer fly line for your delight, and smiling faces at HH of Craig.


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