First Day of Fall Friday Foto

Late Fall Friday Foto

Late Fall Friday Foto

Today is one of he nicer days this fall!

It is certainly not winter yet. Highs in the 40’s and 50’s this coming week. Wind is forecast for the weekend of course. Just when you want to be on the river. Well, find a windward side and get after it. Swingers are out there looking for that wind free bend.

Good times had be all this previous week as the bite has leveled off to a nice acceptable most of the day participation buy the trout. Quite good.

No weeds this fall. Quite light and not much human pressure out there either. A nice time on the river. Today overcast dn relatively calm with winds from the SW at 9mph. Remember our average wind speed here locally is 12mph. Yeah, a windy part of the state!

Come by to get the hot bugs, the best in river info, hand warmers, gloves, toques, fly line cleaner, a whole gob of streamers, and that free coffee on the porch.

Open daily 8am-5pm.

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