Fisheye Guy Gallery in Philipsburg

Our good friend and photography guru Pat Clayton (Fish Eye Guy Photography) finally pulled up stakes in Bozeangleles and landed a couple hours west in the less busy Ski/Fish Mecca of Philipsburg Montana. Lots of folks in our neck of the woods spend a fair bit of time skiing at Discovery (Disco) during the winter months, as well as fishing Georgetown Lake and Rock Creek among others. Philipsburg is a cool Montana getaway for sure.

For those who are fans of Pat’s photography, you can now visit his newly opened gallery on the main drag in downtown “PBurg”. Pat renovated one of the old historic commercial buildings in town and is slowly opening up as Ski season winds down.

Pat is advertising “open on most weekends” but give a call to make an appointment anytime. If he’s not out shredding the hill or taking a dunk in the river looking for fish, he’ll be glad to show you some of his artwork. While known for his underwater Trout, Salmon and Char photos, you’ll also see some of his outstanding wildlife, Ski, and landscape shots. And when you see them blown up big instead of viewing them on your device, you’ll understand how skilled Pat is with a camera. You’ll also get to hear the story behind some of his shots.

The Fish Eye Guy Gallery can be found at 204 East Broadway in Philipsburg, and if you want to make an appointment with Pat, message him at 206 200 3024. Make sure and visit his website at

(206) 200-3024

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