Holter Dam Montana

Fishing in the Dark

I was cruising around the river last night seeing who’s out enjoying this wonderful weather, and listening to “deflate-gate” coverage on ESPN Radio. Temperatures were balmy. Lots of anglers up around the dam. Chasing the unheralded Walleye and Burbot no doubt (unheralded by fly-flickers, that is). I always forget how bright it is at night below Holter. You almost don’t need a headlamp.

Here’s a few shots of the clear skies, calm wind and shirtsleeve weather we’re experiencing right now. As today is supposed to be warmer and flamer, it might be a good night to break out some black buggers, a Mozuri Minnow or Kreelex and try a little night fishing.

And if you’re thinking a Zebco and some dead minnows might work better than the fly fishing gear, we won’t criticize. We’ve been known to build a fire, bring a cooler of beer, and soak a bait below Holter during a few winter nights.

Holter Dam Montana

In the picture above you can see some bright white lights in the lower right. Headlamps from a good size crew of Walleye/Burbot anglers. Below, Holter Lake all lit up. Should brought a rod along with the camera gear.

Holter Lake Montana
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