Fishski Revisited Scumliner Media

Fishski Revisited Scumliner Media

Hoep you are on your couch today and not at the office.

But if you are at the office we suggest you watch this video. Even if you have seen it before.

We are still chilly here in downtown Craig but we are warming as the week goes on. Then cold as we return to the weekend and the New Year.

There is enough snow on the ground if you want to put on your rock skis and head out onto the Missouri River slopes. Although we suggest you do it at your local ski area.

The High Bank slope is sweet though. Holding snow.

It may slough. But that is just speculation…

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  • We just left Big Sky to return to Indiana, had a great time. Saw a fly fisherman hook up on the Gallitan. But did not have any ski fish Montana epic story to tell.

    I have been in a small slide but never in the direction of a river at 35 degrees. Now that would have been a rush.

    Thanks and have a great day

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