Fly Arrivals this week @ HH of Craig

Fly Arrivals this week @ HH of Craig

Fly Arrivals this week @ HH of Craig

Jig Woolly Bugger Peacock/Black and Peacock/Brown both #8. Gonna be good for our swing crowd. And for the strippers!

Tak’s Mini Rainbow #8

Olive Missing Link #20

Squirmy Wormie Jig Hot Pink and Blood Red #12

Morrish Mouse #4

I see lots of empty bins at the shop. That means 7wt. is busy getting rid of those patterns that you don’t like. And good riddens too! Gotta get those awful non-producing patterns out fo the shop. Maybe gift them to a shop nearby?

More snow on the way. Tomorrow starts the big storm of the winter so far with snow totals int eh 12″ range. We will get ready for that!

Headhunters Fly Shop will follow the Winter below Zero and lots of snow rules. We will be there when we can. If it is too dangerous to drive, we will just stay home! There is always someone there to help in the middle of the day as reservations and the mailman come daily! Call Julie @ 406-868-5473 if no answer at the shop during business hours. The can get facilitate your deposit or new reservation!

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