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Most of our positions are filled for the 2014 season. If you are interested in future employment at Headhunters, please get us your resume in the last fall for the following season. Email it to us with a cover letter, and put “Employment“ in the subject field of your email.



So, you want to work in a fly shop. Do you really know what you are getting into? If you think working at a fly shop entails sitting around and drinking coffee while you surf Moldy Chum and read the latest issue of the Drake, then don’t apply with us. Working at Headhunters is fast paced, and sometimes high stress. The Missouri River is one of the most popular fisheries in the world, and Headhunters is known as the information center on the river. We expect our employees to provide customers with the highest level of customer service, and most accurate information. Our team environment is both demanding and fun to work in, but it’s not “easy”.


We are generally looking for knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic anglers to join our team. Youth rules around our shop. We like folks with energy. A passion for fly-fishing imandatory, both to work at Headhunters and to live in Craig. There’s not much else to do. If hitting Starbucks in the morning and the symphony after dinner is important to you, you probably won’t like living in Craig. If choking down a burger and a brew after a 1o hour day, then fishing the evening caddis until after dark is more your style, you’ll love it.


If you are interested in working at Headhunters, you must send us a resume’ to begin the process. Fill it out just like they teach you in high school… references, work and eduction history, etc. Make sure and include any information you think we should know about you and who you are.  A grip ‘n grin shot of you with a nice fish wouldn’t hurt either. Those that live close enough to come for an initial interview are encouraged to do so. Position finalists may be asked to come to Craig for an interview. Questions can be sent to john@headhuntersflyshop.com or mark@headhuntersflyshop.com.

We are looking for the following positions:

Shop Staff 2015

Starts: Mid April/May 2015

Hours: Full Time/Seasonal

Salary: $10/hr

Closing: February 7th 2015

Shop duties include high end customer service providing information regarding the fishing on the Missouri River. Some shuttling of vehicles. Some lawn maintenance. Some rigging of rods and reels. Fly shop stuff. You will need some Point of Sale/POS skills which means familiarity with computers. Strong phone skills are a plus too. Fly knowledge and fly fishing product knowledge is certainly helpful.


  • Good personal and customer service skills
  • Excited about helping fly fishing anglers
  • Knowledge of fly fishing basics
  • Basic computer skills
  • Smiles

Send Resumes to mark@headhuntersflyshop.com or sara@headhuntersflyshop.com with “Resume” or “Employment” in the subject line please!

Shuttle Drivers 2015

Starts: April 1, 2015

Hours: Full Time/Part Time

Salary: $10/hr

Closing: never

Our shuttle service is an important part of our operation. We provide shuttle all year, and from April through October routinely do 20-50 shuttles a day. Shuttle drivers work very hard, and should expect hours to be 2-6 hours a day. Sounds like fin just driving up and down the river, huh? Not always. The work is hard, mistakes are not tolerated and the days can be hot and long during June, July and August. The schedule is pretty flexible, and it’s a great way for those looking to stay busy and earn a few bucks during the summer.


  • Clean Driving Record.
  • Ability to back up a truck and trailer.
  • Ability to drive a manual transmision vehicle.
  • Positive attitude.

Contact Julie Arnold (julie@headhuntersflyshop.com) at the shop; 406-235-3447.

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