Winter Solstice. Fly Fishing To Do List. December.

Winter Solstice. Fly Fishing To Do List. December.

Super cold, super snowy, all locked up here in Montana. Winter Solstice is here today. We really do not like the deep of winter too much. We truly like the summer solstice better. It is warmer, the dry fly fishing is better, and beer tastes quite a bit better in the sun.

It is cold all week long with the hi temp coming on Christmas Day of 14F. All week bitter temps.  That is cold. So we turn inwards and get after that pile of fly fishing gear lying in the garage.

Here are my December tasks that lie ahead of me. I also am battling a cold which has me feeling awful. Why not get after some of these things before the new year comes.

  1. Clean all fly lines. Essential. I clean them often anyway, but now is the time to assess the health of said lines and make a list of what to replace.
  2. Replace those fly lines. Those nymph lines have to go in the garbage. A couple dry fly lines need to go as well. Many change fly lines yearly. With heavy use i will change my nymph lines a couple times. I just got a couple new streamer lines this fall so I am good there.
  3. Check all gear and see what needs to go, and what needs to be replaced. Fly rods, reels, outerwear, etc. Send in those broken fly rods before finding them tip-less next year! I have a couple base layers that have seen better days!
  4. Book spring trips, or any trips in 2018. I’d like to go saltwater fishing this coming year. Gotta research that trip.
  5. Organizing fly boxes comes in the new year. Too early to start that week long event.Empty all of the random shit from the drift boat. This project will take a few days, sorting, dumping, cleaning.
  6. Consolidate spey tips, heads, gear and get them back into the leader wallets, line wallets etc.
  7. Make out my dream gear list for 2018. This is a fun one. Do you need a new fly rod in ’18? Hmmm. I’m betting you might?

A short list for December. I need to have a project or two for the year to come. Getting after those fly lines is important. Getting those broken rods in to the manufacturer is important as well. What do you have on your list this December?



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