Fly Line Cleaner. Important!

Fly Line Cleaner. Important!

The most important thing you can do for your cast today, that will make immediate impact, is to clean your fly line.

Lots of products out there that are terrific. The easiest, effective, and inexpensive offering is the RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelette.

Buy them at your local specialty retailer like Headhunters of Craig.

A common post here on this very blog. A you like lines that are hydrophobic? Float well? Are slippery and cast well?

Yeah, we do too!

I am always surprised at the lack of cleanliness of fly lines that I see. The most common question is “Can you clean fly lines?” My answer is always, yes. “Can you clean your car? Clothes? Windows?Glasses? Garage…

Do yourself a favor today. You will smile!


SOL cleans his fly lines every day. Guests in thereat as well!


Do yourself a favor today, Fly Line Cleaner, RIO
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