Fly Tying Friday Little Green Machine Just Add Vise Kits

Fly Tying Tuesday Little Green Machine Just Add Vise Kits

Many carry the Little Green Machine in their box. Many fly shops carry this fly in their bins. We carry it in several sizes and this convenient fly tying kit as well.

It is so damn popular that we have brought you the tying kit, all the materials for 25+ flies, and a tying video with none of the regular fruit-laden music, nonsensical pictures and un-witty fly tying banter that many fly tying videos unfortunately include.

And it is short. No waiting for the tyer to get to step 2. The entire length of the LGM vid is 1:23 seconds. So if you like long and drawn out tying videos, skip this one. If you like the nuts and bolts, we got yer back.

Just the good stuff in this Just Add Vise Kit! The Little Green Machine falls into our top 10 sellers since we brought this fly in several years ago. Enjoy this kit and many more like it only available at Headhunters Fly Shop of Craig MT.

This fly has of course been hot for the month. It will continue to be great for the next month. A fly you gotta have if you like dunking the flies with aid of a split or T-Headed pattern.


Little Green Machine from Headhunters Fly Shop on Vimeo.

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