FOMO, on the MO?

FOMO, on the MO?

July and August will be real good the year.

Do you have Fear of Missing Out? FOMO? Some do. Others don’t.

If you do, then you should get in on the latter part of July into August post high water season for real good high quality low pressure dry fly fishing here in Craig Montana fishing Montana’s Missouri River.

Don’t get Mo River FOMO. That’s bad.

Put of booking your summer fly fishing trip to the Mo? What no more. The water is dropping, currently sell under 18K, and will be throughout the month. Will we get into dry fly fishing this month? Ohhhhh, maybe. I think we will.

Having said that I was wrong on the flows this spring, so you may not believe me. But just as my last guest in the boat straight outta Calgary reminded me the I say often…Trust me, I’m a guide. 

PMD’s start soon. Caddis have been seen in good numbers on the lower. Trico’s get rolling in early July. Grasshoppers will see the light in July into August. Strong dry fly angling throughout the summer will occur. Honest.

Probably not as many weeds wither. Generally following high water years the weeds do not bother as bad.

So call up the shop and relieve your Mo River FOMO, bro’.

It’ll make you feel better today, and tomorrow.

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  • Marty Thomas
    June 6, 2018 11:36 am

    C’ya in July Brah \III/

  • I’ve heard that PMD’s have been popping in the canyon. Any truth to this? Just patiently waiting up here in the Flathead to pull the trigger on some PMD or Trico fishing. Definitely a dry fly angler convert after last year.

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