Friday April 8th Missouri River Fishing Report

Friday April 8th Missouri River Fishing Report

Friday April 8th Missouri River Fishing Report

Warm today Friday with air temps reaching the mid 70’s. Cooler this weekend. Snow next week.

Flows 3110cfs. Water temps 40F. 

Shop open at 8am and til 6pm at nite. Shuttles, guide trips, rental boats, cabins, lodging, the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, sportswear and outerwear.

The New Sage R8 in stock. Weights 4 thru 7. Come check them out. While in the shop look at the Skwala Fishing line with the Skwala Carbon the perfect 3 season jacket for the upcoming spring fishing season. Steelie Zips is a gotta have piece too. Look at Steelie Zips Mule top for your never take it off item this week!

Dry Fly anglers are getting them. The upcoming week with inclement weather will bring back the midge on the surface, and maybe the BWO will make its first appearance of 2022. Water temps creeping towards the first emergence. I bet we see them soon! Clusters, Buzzballs, small ADAMS, Quigley patterns, Griffith’s Gnats, and a dropper if you wish. We will get you set up in the shop this weekend! Big wide open flats and soft spots are the key to your dry fly game. And, good presentations.

Nymphers Unite. Pink, Zebra, Sow, and now the baetis subsurface nymph game is upon us. Come by for the Euro Nymphs that will blow your freakin’ mind. Heavy, slender, sinky. jNymph bins are stuffed for success this spring and the summer ahead. Medium speed to slow speed waters in the deeper stuff if you can find some at these flows.

Swingers are tossing the two hander this spring. Soft hackles come into play this week as the aforementioned BWO is gonna make the appearance not he surface soon. But, if you remember that the bugs have a good life below the surface first. Come by and stock up on the spring softy selection you must have. Time to get the Scandi line on your 2 and 3 weights for spring time swing fun. Headhunters is the Trout Spey HQ in Montana, and certainly int he canyon. More Spey Lines in stock that the rest of the river has single handed lines. Truth. We have the latest in Two Handed Rods as well. Come on by and demo a trout spey rod. We have a bundle of tips, leaders, lines of both the Skagit and Scandi family, accessories, rod socks for ease of transfer, tons of cool Montana spey patterns. Also, clearly the Trout Spey Education shop with casting lessons and guide trips from industry icons available through Headhunters of Craig.

Strippers are having more success than they have all winter long. Get that new streamer line on your rod for casting ease this spring. Lots of them at the shop and we can improve your streamer game with lines and flies. Banks, structure points, and buckets. Toss the fly in all of them. And strip. Black and olive still are the latest fav’s. Flashy is on the back burner, til it’s not!?!?! So be ready to change if the standard issue flies do not work!

Cabins nightly. Shop open daily. Izaak’s Wednesday thru Sunday. Shotgun Annies is open. The Prewitt Creek Missouri River Inn is open nightly. Oasis in WC? Nope, closed for ever? Trout Shop Cafe? Not open. The Wolf Sando Shop in WC is rumored to be open. A new coffee joint in WC is nearly open we hear. Kelli Wilson with Mo River Eats the best river lunch option is open.

Have a great weekend!

Want More Fishing Reports? Call us up at 406-235-3447 ext. 3 for our audio fishing report including secrets and tidbits not found on this hand typed version…

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