Friday Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

Friday Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

Flows oh so low at 3100cfs. Back up 10% since the bottoming out of 2800cfs last week.

Water temps in the good range at 60F-63F range for the last week. Cooler nights this coming week will continue to encourage the continual slide to winter as the temps should continue to head towards the Baetis event later this month?

Hatches include some minor Trico participation along with localized Calliebaetis activity along the river corridor. Some spinner action as the morning passes by with the latter insect again, being site specific.

Spinners of both bugs will catch the eye of a few wary trout.

Hoppers OK. Nothing consistent. Ants? ‘Bout the same.

Streamers pretty good overall. Bright ones too. But black and olive have been getting some interest as of late. Such cool structure out there it is fun to work the streamer to and fro amongst the elodea jungles of the Mo.

Swingers? Evenings?

Not a ton of anglers on the water the past two weeks. More as the month progresses. Late September will be quite busy. Very little guide availability. Some good local nightly rentals on the market though.

Autumn. Come enjoy a day on the river.

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  • Swinging from 5pm until dark has been way more productive than say, swinging from 11am – 5pm. Just need to bring dinner along with you or fast. See y’all in a few days.

  • The swing was crazy good for me on Saturday.

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