Friday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana 8.27.21

Friday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana 8.27.21

Flows 3320cfs. Temps 61F.

Weekend weather cooler than normal. Hi’s int he low 70’s and night time lows in the 40’s. Looking good for the fall season and the autumn that followed the hot summer makes us breath easier. Fish included.

Caddis Festival tomorrow 4pm. Get here for the parade at 3pm if you like. Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser that all can attend. $5 bites at 4pm. Live, 730pm, and silent auction all day long, along with live music at 4pm. See you here!

Hot flies for the nympher include any small BWO pattern. Now until Thanksgiving for the BWO flies. Two Bits, LGM, Lightening Bugs, S & M, Radiation Baetis, Frenchie, Ball Gag Mayfly, Micro May, Psycho May, Peep Show, T Head PT, Tungsten Jig Hare’s Ear, Hot Spot Hare’s Ear, Tungsten Sow, Scuds, Rainbow Czech, Amex, Pill Popper, Grape Slushy, Simi Scud, Zirdle, Pat’s Rubbler Leg, Bitch Creek…

Dry Fly anglers like the hopper, the ant, and the occasional Trico feeder. Look for the fish tat likes the big Adams. Like the Callibaetis eater. Or int he canyon often the 14 down winged caddis will fool them. O’ the Translucent Emerger!

Swingers? Yeah. Getting more every day. Leeches, soft hackles…the pic on the top there is from Peter yesterday swing a Trout Spey rod. Looks like it may be coming on?

Bugger Chuckers are having a ball out there. If you are not distracted, upset, or even angry by the weed suspended in the water column, and those who do this often are not, then you can really bang them up. SOL fished with Chef John of Izaak’s earlier this week and had a field day. Unreal action with lots lots of fish in skinny water and fish of all sizes looking at the streamer. High and bright skies should not discourage the streamer angler this fall. Cooler water temps have got our fish hungry and excitable. We like bright flies here. As of late that has been the theme. As the fall regresses that leech and darker patterns will come to the front end of this discussion.

The entire river is fishing. Lots of anglers up top still as August and September generally see the dam fill up. Can be 30 boats up there. Your choice. Go up, or not. Seeing and witnessing and using the net in all reaches of the river as we are cooler than average water temps all the way through the system. Lower water levels not only rise quicker but fall quicker as well. So we are enjoying the latter of the two functions of low water as we see through the end fo August. September, October and November are looking strong based on this very fact. Water temps are lower than average here are for getting the fish revved up sooner. Water temps down river are cooler, colder, than the temps at the dam.

All good here in downtown Craiglandia. Shop open about daybreak. Closed about dusk. I believe there are exact hours too. But we are here the hours you need us. Feel free to call anytime as we love to talk about trout!

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