Friday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana

Friday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana

Flows 3K. Water temps at the Dam 63F-66F.

We are in peak season. Lots of anglers out there. Lots of non-anglers out there. Summer and Montanans are recreating.

Shop open daily 6am. Shuttles daily. Sungear, sun gloves, sun gaitors, sunscreen, son hats. Best Flies Under the Big Sky.

Caddis around. Spent or Translucent are some of the fav’s. Downwinged caddis, soft hackle, and soon the Spruce Moth. Lots the final couple hours of the day, before night.

PMD’s too. The spinner falls the past couple days not as great. The overcast a couple days ago had the duns poppin’. Spinners rule the day. Cripples secondly and emerges for those who go that route.

Nymphers right down the middle. Split, or most are not. Find the right depth and fish it. 2′-4′ length. Caddis pupa and a PMD. Soon a Zebra, or a small black PT. Little Black Mo is good. CDC emergers are good. Trico’s are out there. A small Trico nymph will get ’em as well.

Go early and get off early. Warm weather out there. Be safe. Wear sun protection. Drink water, stay hydrated. Resect others water. Let those wade anglers have some room. A lot. Those in boats can give them a wide berth. They walked in, the boat guys can move. Just dip the oars in the water…and pull.

Release the trout in moving cooler water. Not in that stale beach side water that is bathtub warm.

Enjoy your summer.

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  • Mark
    Our senior citizen crew from Northern Michigan arriving Sunday. We will stop by for license, flies, and a new HH fly line.
    Enjoying the updates….it’s be a long while since we have seen 2850…as I recall the trico fishing was excellent. Thinking it was early 2000s. We ran low on rusty spinners as well. We have upgraded to Water Master rafts this year.

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