Friday Foto

Friday Foto Calm before the Storm

Friday Foto Calm before the Storm

Cool, calm, overcast.

That is the status today. Rained last night.

Do we historically have snow this time of year? Oh yeah. Generally we have already had a spit or two of snow. Almost always. The first couple weeks of September brings an early Autumn storm.

But not this year.

Mother Nature has been saving up a collection of bad weather and tossing it right at us this weekend. At the sacrifice of our Sub-Surface School which we cancelled on Tuesday afternoon. Too unsafe for travel. And that is the only reason we cancel guide trips and the like. Safety.

I remember Labor Day 2000 where we had snow for the entirety of the three day holiday weekend. I stayed inside and tied Wooly Buggers along with Coffee Nudge’s and Baseball on the TV.

Getting things together for the weekend with salt for the shop deck, finding the snow shovels, moving the hand warmers and gloves to the front fo the store, installing studded snow tires…

Fall. We love fall. Water temperatures cooling. Weeds releasing and floating downstream. Trout Spey Rods getting lined up. New Streamer lines added to reels. JetBoil’s and coffee cups put into the boat or truck.

Colors changing. Autumn transitioning into fall. We are here now. Right now.

So Friday it is. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your weekend. Start thinking about your fall trip to the Mo. Call Sara, Ben, or Julie today and get yourself some lodging booked. Guides too. Rental boats. Spey Gear. Soft Hackles. Gloves…

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