Friday Foto Fishing Report 8.2.19

Friday Foto Fishing Report 8.2.19

Friday Foto Fishing Report 8.2.19

Good. Dry fly fishing good. Hard? Yep.

The nymphers are wrecking them on Purple & Gold Weight Flies, caddis pupa, and sows and Trico nymphs, PMD nymphs, and more! Come by and let us set you up.

PMD spinners still getting it done. Translucent Emergers and Pupa’s, Buzzballs, PMD Cripples, Trico Spinners, Trico Cripples, Spent Caddis, and the like.

Buggers are a hit! White colors too. Yellow.

Weeds are coming. The water dropping along with the hot August weather will bring them to the surface.

Lots of splash and giggle folks on the weekend ahead. Fish early to alleviate some of the pressure.

Shop open daily at 6am. We get out there first. Coffee is always free. Free WiFi on the deck too. Maps? We got ’em. Best Flies in the Big Sky. Full fly bins of the flies you need. We don’t run out fo the good stuff. Logo Gear, sunscreen, fishing licenses, shades…


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