Friday Foto Hiking with Jim

Shop regular Jim Brandley and I spent a day hiking a small stream up near Glacier NP last month. Here’s a few shots of our day. Incredible scenery. Pretty good fishing. Great hike. No bears.

Enjoy the weekend. A few fishermen around, mostly the hardcore type. A few out of state guides taking a late summer vacation to somewhere new. It’s always fun to share and compare the differences between the Missouri and other rivers.

Plenty of splash & giggle floaters on warm afternoon weekends this time of year.

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    August 5, 2016 8:45 am

    Wow! Awesome scenery, gin clear water, and beautiful fish! But whats with the super short leader, or is it my angle? Thanks for the article John.

    • The leader is short because of a super short fisherman with super short arms!!! John makes an amateur look good!

    • Cliff – Jim may not remember but I think we opted for a quick switch to a dry/dropper after missing that fish earlier. We weren’t really worried about the hopper, but thats what he ate.

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