Friday Foto November Edition

Friday Foto Parrothead Edition

Friday Foto Parrothead Edition

A throwback today for Friday Foto Parrothead Edition.

This shot November 2009. A snow year. As you remember ’08-’11 were all big water years. Therefore, a snowy winter. Including November.

This shot after our second year open. We are now in the home stretch finishing season 11. Yes, time does fly when you are having fun.

And fun we are having.

Swing Season is upon us. Dry fly season still happening. Winter ahead. And more Trout Spey.

The Parrothead Fly Shop sign is safely harbored in Mark’s garage. HE plucked it from the ashes when working for the Trout Shop back in summer 1998. RIP Steve Butt. A legend in Craig. Although many may not know his name anymore.

One of the early river cowboys sailing along in Craig Montana.

The river shack we are in here in Craig once harbored Steve and Parrothead Fly Shop. We’ve been known to carry out some Parrothead behaviors.

How about tonight? You in?

We are. Several Headhunters guides on the river today. Some nymphing, others tossing the Trout Spey Rod, and yet others Headhunting.

So tonight we toast to legendary Parrothead Steve Butt, Jimmy Buffet, and to the Headhunters in all of us.

What’r you doin’ this weekend?

Whatever it is be sure you swing by Margaritaville.

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  • Great memories. O’Connell’s Store, Joe’s and the Trout Shop…about all there was. Not uncommon to see Neale Streeks or Leon Chandler strolling down the street. Pete Cardinal was a rock-star guide…and Michigan State alum…working the Dam-to-Craig beat. Think Pete STILL lives in Craig! There were these two knuckleheads calling themselves ‘Parrotheads’ tying flies is converted lounge chairs talking smack about starting another fly shop…

    • You mean Chris and Jerry. Butts was the only (passed out) Parrothead on the block. And Pete plays smaller arena rock venues, high school gymnasiums & lives on the outskirts of town…

  • To The Buttman and all them “early river cowboys” and to The Headhunters in all of us I join in raising that glass.

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