Friday Headhunters Fishing Report June 19th 2020

Friday Headhunters Fishing Report June 19th 2020

All good here on the Mo. Beyond the maneuvering of the dam waters the past couple days and maybe a couple days into the future we are doing just fine!

The fish are eating on top. This is your signal, the ringing of the bell, that the fishing is white hot. Great nymph bite with consistency that we may not have seen all year long. The PMD spinner falls in conjunction with a better than average caddis June hatch have made the dry fly anglers grin.


Daily. Strong spinner falls late morning throughout the afternoon. Hatches through out the day. Top to bottom as the PMD loves the entirety of the Mighty Mo.

Lots of action sight nymphing in shallow runs. The water levels have graced us with lots of water int eh perfect depth of 18″-36″. Step out and watch for ten minutes. Then make a plan to either attack with the dry fly or the shallow nymph rig.

Top PMD Nymphs include the Perdigon, Frenchie, Jigged Frenchie, Hot Spot Jig, Little Amigo, S & M, Peep Show, Tung Head PT, Purple Split Back, Split Case Black, Black Soft Hackle, Peaches and Cream Jig, Holo Point Jig, Hodek’s Euro Trash Amber, Goulds Drowned Spinner, Ninch’s Done Dun..

PMD Dry Flies? Spinners, cripples, emergers. Great drifts early in the session. Reach cast. Some sort of slack line presentation.


Daily. Better in the afternoons. Lots of skittering caddis running around on the water. Crashy and splashy takes middle river flats. Afternoon excellence if you like tossing the blind dry fly.

Top Dry Fly Caddis Patterns include Double Duck, Translucent family, Buzzballs, HiViz Tape Wing, Tape Wing, X Caddis, Bloom’s, any fly that lies int eh surface film!

Yellow Sally’s

In the canyon and beyond. Toss the Outrigger Dsally for some limited success. An Iron Sally for the subsurface game or a GRHE will suffice.


A week or two.

Missouri River Water Flows 

Currently 7500cfs. Headed to 8K this afternoon. Spoke with the dam managers this morning with them mentioning the spike in the Big Hole flows up 2K this past 24 hrs. The problem child. More info on Monday as we get through the weekend.

Lake levels above 97% The managers will try to put the water in the lake and keep us lower…or not. All depends on how the water comes off. If the recession continues we will hold at the 8K mark. Do your lower eater dance this afternoon in the office to help the fish gods help us!

Dearborn Shuttles

This weekend $50 shuttles from anywhere not eh Dearborn. Get out there while you still can.

The Weekend ahead

Good times. Saturdays are busy here on the Mo! Sundays not as much. Shop open daily at 7am. Mo River Shuttles, the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, SIMMS, rods from Sage Orvis, Loomis, sunscreen, tons of kick ass Headhunters Logo Gear, the Headhunter Fly Line, cool shades, and the best free information on the river.


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