FTA – Last Nights Efforts

FTA was on last night with a good crowd, good times and some very good efforts. AS winter fly fishing has become the norm around here, most were tying for the ‘now’ and not the ‘later’. Here’s what I saw…

Mark (above) was tying his usual ‘guide flies’. He’ll toss this thing in the river tomorrow, in June, when things get tough in August, and during late fall. Anytime. He constantly tweaks it, not based on experiences or science, but based on what he did or did not remember to bring to fly tying night.

Jerry (above) was working on some slick Amy’s Ant variations. Very nice for a newer fly tier. These might work somewhere soon.

Ninch is usually tying for the now, and last night was no exception. The Foxy has been popular as of late. Can’t have enough of these. Ever.

Not sure what Braden was working on? Some kind of Bull Trout candy it looks like. My camera wouldn’t even focus on this hideous thing. Kind of like a Vampire. It’ll work.

Jim (above) went ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ on everyone and went back to the 80’s to tie some sweet Stimulators. He says he uses these on a river that’s like the Blackfoot, only smaller. Very nice.

And finally Max (above) who will be behind the oars guiding this year. Max – wisely – was filling those guide fly boxes, which he will find get depleted at an alarming rate.

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