Future Fly Fishers Jess Edition

Future Fly Fishers Jess Edition

Future Fly Fishers Jess Edition

Jess Rules! Fishing with father Mike and HH Guide Shane Wilson Jess did quite Weill this past week.

Congrats Jess. Looks like you enjoyed your stay! Hope to see you again next fall. Or summer for a bit of dry fly action!

Happy fall out there. Take a kid fishing. Yours, your neighbor kid, your nephew or niece.

It’ll be good for both parties. Yep.

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  • The Headhunters blog is heavy on human interest these days but light on actual fishing reports. That’s a departure from the past, and it makes the blog flashy and fun but of little value to those of us considering a drive to the mighty Mo and a possible visit to the shop. More meat in the reports – please.

  • Nice job Jess! You are really becoming quite the fly fisherman!

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