Galvan Wins Yellowstone Angler 5 Weight Shootout

The Yellowstone Angler just released the results of their 2016 5 Weight Reel Shootout. We were a little shocked to find out the winner was the Galvan Torque. Not because it’s not a great reel. It is, and it’s one of the favorites of our shop staff and guides. We were shocked because it’s probably the oldest disc-drag reel in the shootout, and Galvan doesn’t spend a whole lot on fancy marketing or sponsoring video-bros. They just make great reels.

I guess it says something about the Torque that it is quietly our staff’s favorite, and that it quietly won the Yellowstone Angler shootout.

The Torque has never been the #1 seller in a single season at Headhunters, but it’s probably close over the course of the last 8 years. It’s for sure in the top 3 every year. It sells and performs very consistently. Congratulations to the folks at Galvan!

A few of the reels we like the most did well in the Shootout, including the Hatch Finnatic 4 plus, the new Nautilus X series, and the Orvis Battenkill.

Kudos to the Yellowstone Angler for performing these Shootouts every year. You might not agree with all of their conclusions (I think rods may be a little more subjective than reels), and yes, they are hoping you’ll purchase some gear from them. But the time and effort it takes to gather all this gear, design a fair testing system for both reels and rods, get the team together, test the gear and put it on paper is a job very few fly shops would undertake.

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  • Dallas Hoffman
    June 2, 2016 9:05 am

    Hey Mark, just Dallas the great Canadian wash up here, hope all is well. Just wanted to thank you and the gang for the best blog on the planet! I look at it everyday!
    I will see you in a couple weeks, my friend from Virginia is coming out again and we’ll be around… cant wait to shoot the shit and buy you a beer!

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