Getting Warmer with State River Restrictions

Getting Warmer with State River Restrictions

No restrictions here fishing Montana’s Missouri River. Water temps currently peaking at 69F, today. The warmest it has been this year. Will it continue upwards?

The forecast for the near future is better as the daily air temps are falling as the weekend approaches. A high of 80 with showers Saturday will be welcome here in Central Montana. Then the weather guessers predict hot temps again next week with highs in the upper reaches of the 90’s. Yuck. Nightime lows do spend the in the lower 50’s, and that is great.

Warmer water temps mean we fish earlier, and quit fishing, earlier. Early to some means noon, others 2pm. We like to start early and get off early. No pics right now. Look again at your pics from yesteryear. Or, take mental pics, they last longer. Memories are good forever.

As stated above the Missouri River is open without restrictions. Will we have restrictions in the future? Only Mother Mo know the answers to important Q’s like this one. Time will tell.

Check out the river restrictions around the state here. There are a few closed resources, but most are open to fishing until high noon or 2pm. Fish early, get off early.

Call the shop at 406-235-3447 for an up to the minute fishing report, weed updates, wind, and hatch info. Standing by today.

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