Good Dry Fly even in the SUN!

Good Dry Fly even in the SUN!

Good Dry Fly even in the SUN!

We hope for more overcast days here this October and November. But some days it is just, sunny. While those days are memorable of the low angler sun, stunning fall vistas, and warm coversations we are always yearning for the fall like days that include fall!

October is here. Fall is here.

The trout are rising. Good Dry Fly even in the SUN!

Nymph them up in the morning or chuck that bugger. The nymphers are using the net more often. The streamer anglers are wearing out their arms.

The swingers are getting some good action with BWO type flies. Try a Partridge and Peacock. How about a Partridge and Orange. A small black leech. A bugger. Come by the shop and we will set you up with the right stuff. Swing it.

The dry fly anglers are all about the cripple. We love the cripple. We have a bundle of cripple patterns in the shop. Lots. 15+ patterns to choose from. Of the cripple alone. Then the emerger dudes have their fav’s as well. Bubbleback’s, RS2’s, CDC emerges, A few from Harrop, and more. Spinners? We are fans. Adams is good. A good fly that Adams.

We have those hard to find darker winged like black and dark dun winged/posted flies for our glare and overcast flat light situations. The best fly Missouri River specific fly selection in the canyon.

The flies are coming off a bit earlier than normal. BE in your spot at 130pm for good to great afternoon BWO action. The BWO’s have taken over from the always smiled upon but secretly hated Pseudo flies. So we are jumping for joy here in downtown Craig Montana.

We have had about three days of perfection so far this month. Maybe 4. That overcast and calm deal. The wind is a bitch but the fish have been participating while looking toward the surface.

All in all a great dry fly season. Spring, summer, and now fall. Keep that warmer weather from us please. Keep it cool. Bring in the clouds too.

While most destination fly shops are closing for the winter we are ramping up for fall and winter fly fishing. Trout Spey gear coming in daily including tips, lines, rods, accessories. Come by and see the all of the new Trout Spey lines, tips, leaders, and accessories! Rods too! An ever changing and evolving Trout Spey world we are living here. Fun times as the sport is blossoming right in front of our eyes!

We have a ton of single handed streamer lines from RIO, SA, Airflo. Coupled with the best and largest selection of Trout Spey Lines in the region, no BS.  So many to choose from to achieve all of your streamer depth needs. About 50 tips in stock too. Lots to choose from.

Come join us for the daly Baetis Celebration here fishing Montana’s Missouri River. Call the BWO Hotline @ Headhunters Fly Shop 406-235-3447. Lodging, guides, fishing reports, rental boats, Montana’s Trout Spey HQ, demo rods, rental rods, SIMMS, hats, gloves, HH Logo Gear, tons of cool shades from SMITH, Costa, Bahio, Suncloud, something for everyone at all price points…the destination fly shop at your favorite fall destination river open daily @ 730am.
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