Got a Hole in Your Life?

Got a Hole in Your Life?

This author did too until he stumbled on the Mo in ’92.

A big new world out there in the past year. Many have moved, found new locales, found themselves.

And what a time to go after it. At no time in history has there been such an exodus from every community. Those living on the beach in LA moved east. Or north. Those in middle America were fed up with the flatland. They moved to the beach in LA.

Many have moved to Montana. But I will remind you that one of the outcomes of moving here is an 18 month stay. Why? Lots of reasons. Winter can be a real bitch. And the lack of services upsets some. And, Montana is 38th in median wage. 27th in Cost of Living. So a discrepancy there for sure. Less wage, more expensive to live.

Gotta Hole in Your Life? Maybe you ought book a trip this coming fall. October, November? A couple of our favorite months. And if you are at all interested in the Trout Spey Game, call today to gt your cabin and world class spey Instructor/Guide lined up. We have cabins too.

Almost Cut My Hair. Great tune that I posted here on this very blog before. If you fall into this category, and did not. We welcome you. Shit, you need a job? You are the kind of folk we dig. Down by the River, if you gotta hear one more by CSNY. It is applicable as well.


If you wanna let your Freak Flag Fly, we welcome you…

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