Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th. Be safe.

Or go nuts. Safely.

Historically a slow fishing weekend here on the Mo. Family time. But, with the temps rocketing upwards and a high of 99F forecast for today there will be plenty of river use including families on rafts, tunes, flamingo’s.

Happy 4th of July

Awfully brown out there on the hillsides. Weeds starting in the water column. August not looking too good unless it cools off in the near future. We are looking at 100F this week. So, we will survive, but it will be miserable. But there it is.

Enjoy! Be safe.

July 5th is tomorrow. Annully the kick off of Trico fishing. Trico’s are approaching here. Not going great guns yet, but in the next 48hrs?  Big time hatch on the Mighty Mo.

Get your bugs at Headhunters. Happy Independence Day America!


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  • Hey, Mark. Any suggestions regarding Trico color and size? Thanks.

    • Trico 18-22. Trico Males are black, females olive. Males hatch at night, females in the am. Trico Spinner, Trico emerger, Two winged Trico Spinner, Quigley’s Cluster Midge, Cluster Midge regular, Hi Vis Quill Trico male or Female, Rusty Spinner.

      • Sage advise that’s always worth its weight in gold. Much appreciated. Thanks!

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