"Hatred for guides overtaken by Massive Pink Flamingo Floaty"

“Hatred for guides overtaken by Massive Pink Flamingo Floaty”

“Hatred for guides overtaken by Massive Pink Flamingo Floaty”

Saw a few of these craft hanging from the Sam’s Club roof today. The first thing I thought of was “Hatred for guides overtaken by Massive Pink Flamingo Floaty”.

Although the hatred for guides delivered by those who surf the Massive Pink Flamingo Floaty cruising down the river in style will still hate fishing guides. But I did think for a couple happy moments that the attention would temporarily be diverted by that thing.

Often have I been crashed into parked on anchor 27′ from the shore. Parked. Stopped.

I have found that the best policy is not to say a word to anyone near the floaty device. Control of such crafts does not exist. Keeping my mouth closed produces the best results.

“You don’t own the river” is the most common phrase coming from the mouths of the Massive Pink Flamingo Floaty passengers. “We didn’t see you” is the second most common.

I like to respond with one of two comments…

  1. Yep, I know. You do.
  2. Do you crash into parked cars on the side of the road?

So you may see one of these colossal inflatable up close this summer on a river near you. Just remember that it is your fault if you make contact with their craft even when you are on anchor, tucked in close to the shore.

So watch out, and bite your tongue!

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  • Oh god.

  • These are great for sneaking up on those wily trouts…..never suspect a fly coming from a flamingo.

  • I like having the splash and giggle crowd on the river. They bring some relief for me after having multiple guide’s row past me and cut in front of me to fish the water I am planning on fishing. At least the flamingo crew is clueless about the river etiquette, which cannot be said about the fleet of Adipose boats with red guide stickers – just sayin….

    • Thanks for the update Brower. Clearly you are a guide hater. Should I hate all rec anglers for and behavior, or just lead by example. I choose the latter. The golden rule is treat others as you would like to be treated. And that is how I roll. Cannot speak for all guides as you cannot speak for all rec anglers. I’m just attempting or trying to create levity in the situation. I think we should agree for you to teach your friends and family about etiquette and I in turn shooed do the same in the fishing industry and only together can we move the needle. I’m not discounting the splash and giggle crowd here at all. The non guided use of the river is nearly 80% and we love them all. Even the Pink Flamingo’s. Just sayin’…

  • My Own Party
    March 13, 2018 2:07 pm

    My favorite is when they have no oars or any means of controlling the craft as they float through a pod of fish. Smile and wave is the best policy.

  • Terry Armstrong
    March 13, 2018 4:36 pm

    I have a spear gun . . . . ah never mind.

  • I call it the “flash and wiggle” scene. Directly proportional to the amount of beer consumed …..😃

  • We’re all out there for the same reason, to have fun. I’ve ran into some real d*%k head guides and recreational floaters. I think everyone just needs to show each other a little more respect. Most guides are some of the most conservation minded people out there. They have respect for the river and all things in it. Several times I’ve seen guides with trash bags in their boats, picking up litter left on the shore and islands. Most guides work pretty hard to preserve and take care of what we have, so our kids can enjoy it too. the majority of guides I encounter on the Mo’ are extremely respectful and give me a wide berth while I am wade fishing or anchored up. Recreational users do the same, most of them. The way I look at it is a guide is out there working. The river is his office. I’m not going to screw with a guy who is trying to put food on his table for his family. I think this gives them a certain amount of respect for the resource. Not one person owns the river, we all do.

  • Respect is the key word. For others and the resources. Whether hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, climbing-whatever-our resources are getting more pressure and use. People have to be more observant. An etiquette lesson could be beneficial. Sounds like a good future blog, esp. boat ramp etiquette …

  • I’ve been very happy with the 2 guides i was with out of this shop. Thought them to be very considerate of other fisherman, we passed on the other side of the river when someone was already fishing a run. My question is, why someone who has somewhat of a dislike for guides be reading this blog? Just saying

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