Headhunters 4th of July Celebration

Headhunters Fly Shop 4th of July Celebration

Headhunters Fly Shop 4th of July Celebration

We love the 4th of July. America’s Birthday falls right in the middle of the summer. Long days, long nights, fireworks in Craig, and a fun time had by all. A great family day while many are not fishing there are a ton of fun floaters on the river and what more fun could you have than spending time with your family fishing, fellow-shipping, and celebrating America.

We will be open early at 630am getting you on the river early. Come by and say hello. Love to chat with you folks!

A traditional Headhunters BBQ will get rolling in the afternoon as we will eat and drink the afternoon away waiting til the craziness starts as dusk approaches.

SALE items on the porch and flies galore inside the air conditioned confines of the store.

Craig can be a crazy place on the 4th so plan your safe ride home before you attend this annual event.

See you in Craig this week and certainly stop by on the 4th for a visit on the porch…

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