Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report 8.19.15

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report 8.19.15

Mid Week fishing report comes with some bright spots. It’s not like fireworks are going off but the water temps and weather have been quite nice. The water temps are down in the lower end of the 60’s with 63F at press time.

Is that good? Yes it is. July is the hottest month and August is a bit cooler with the temps and fish behaving more like autumn.

Water temps dropping…

The hi daily temps will not pop much above 80F this week and then falling again to unseasonably cool conditions. So…what should a fella do?

Toss streamers is our answer. A few bugger huskers out this week in the overcast and drizzly mornings and have good stories follow their fishing session.

Sink tips and dry lines have been the key. Lots of weeds out there but the tipped lines will sink below the surface weeds to entice a few trout. 4000cfs leaves lots of water at streamer depth. We like the RIO Outbound series or the shorter and near perfect late summer line the RIO Streamer Tip. Clear tip, chucks well, and the right sink rate. Come in and see our river best streamer line selection. We really do have what you need. Honest.

And remember our Fly Line Guarantee. You don’t likey? Bring it back and we will make it right. Refund or replace. Come in and find the line you want.

Overcast skies always make the fish more comfortable. Broken surfaces due to wind and rain can make the fish quite comfortable. Take advantage of these uncommon mid summer conditions and stretch out your arm muscles preparing them for the fall streamer season forthcoming.

The fishing yesterday, via  the streamer fly, was quite good. A good bite. Good on the flats, real good tossing towards the bank fishing it to any type of deeper slot with some pace. The water that is. The rhythm of the strip? Seemed to be OK with a faster summer time beat. Although did fool a few on the swing too.

Flies? Just the normal stuff for the time being. Try the good first, then move onto the goofy shit if that does not work. Kreelex, Skiddish in all three flavors, R2R, small black buggers, The Dali. Make sure to try different flies out there. If you pattern of choice does not turn one in 15 minutes, change it.

The nymphng game? Same as before. Normal mid to late summer fare. Small, slender, and weed free. The dam is the hot spot.

Hopper? Try it. You may like it. Don’t expect to set any records. But the eats are certainly cool! Ants can make your day too.

Saw some good rising fish Tuesday morning until about noon. Trico’s was the game. Small, smaller, and smallest. Try the smallest flies in your box. And then make it count. Spooky is not the word I am looking for. Way more bitchy than that. These fish are smart in late summer.

The river is nice and quiet. Come out and enjoy some space. She picks right up in September.

Give us a call for all thing Missouri. We got your back. Open daily at 6am and late til 9pm with helpful staff, ice, streamer fly lines, a ton of streamers, and great logo wear.

Don’t forget to come out September 5th for our 1st Annual Browns and Brews Fest.



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