Headhunters Fly Shop Mo River Fishing Report 6.22.23

Headhunters Fly Shop Mo River Fishing Report 6.22.23

Headhunters Fly Shop Mo River Fishing Report 6.22.23

Flows tolerable at 10300cfs. Will it drop to 6K soon? Most likely. When? Don’t know. Ask Mother Nature.

Fish up in spots. Soft edges. Reach casts needed as of a couple days ago. Catchable? yup. Decent dry fly skills needed? Yes. Will they get harder? Oh man, oh yeah. Cripples rule the day. Spinners too. Duns have made a showing this year with many anglers including this author having success on the PMD dun. Not often that way. But this year, a Dun Year. That’s good. Will it change? Sure, of course. Headhunters is your Dry Fly Selection Destination. We named our shop after the art of Headhunting. Come by on your visit to Craig and stock up for your own home river with the techy-see’um dry flies we have in stock everyday!

Nymphers whacking ’em in the center. A bit easier for the rower as the flows have ebbed a bit this past week. Sows, lots of PMD nymphs like a mayfly brown colored. Do we have a zillion PMD nymphs in stock? Yessir. The Euro stuff too. Thin and heavy. That is how the sub surface crew likes them. Zirdle Bug is getting warmer. Worms in style still until the water drops to normal July levels. Zebras at the dam and the sow parade as well. Splitbacks, bubble backs, crackbacks, all in stock for those interested in catching trout on a PMD nymph fly. Split shot mostly required for the water levels at 10K.

Local Tributaries falling. Many spring and early summer visitors have returned to their local waters. Dearborn @ 430cfs and falling 50cfs per day. Will the graph flatten out a bit soon? We believe so. Get your Dearborn Drift in this week if you do not want to drag your boat across gravel bars soon! Dearborn Shuttles available at Headhunters daily. $100 287 to Mid Canon. Blackfoot River falling as well.

Strippers? Not too many out there as the dry fly bite improves.

Shuttles daily. Lots of flies at Headhunters of Craig. The Best Flies Under the Big Sky. Rental boats. Guide Trips. Lots of local lodging including the Craig Trout Camp located right in the center of Craig Montana.

Open daily 630am.

Max Mattioli holding this brown trout that is believed to have a fish in his tummy.

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