Headhunters Missouri River Weekend Fishing Report

Headhunters Missouri River Weekend Fishing Report

Headhunters Missouri River Weekend Fishing Report

Rolling into the weekend with warm weather and light winds. Should be a great one on Montana’s Missouri River. Craig will be buzzing.

Water levels dropping this week as we anticipate the filling of Canyon Ferry to be soon. The reservoir is 94.9% full with a topping out of 97%. Should be this next week. Then inflows, Toston 7400cfs, should mirror outflows. That is where we could see some more water in our reach as we live and die by the  weather from here on out. A bit of a flush would certainly be applauded by many. So a rain storm or very warm weather could trigger either of those events.

Our local tribs are lower than average. Could this weekend heat knock them loose? The Dearborn is at 340cfs with the historical flow of 638cfs. LPP is running low as well 50 cfs below average at 94cfs. What lies out there for us? Weather is the variable that nobody can control.

Fishing good. Some days it can be tougher. Remember that the fish pretty much live in the same water as they do with less water. Keep that in mind.

I think we are close. Close to the goods. I do love the middle of June. A crapshoot for sure. Sometime high water, sometimes rain, sometimes perfect.

Nymphing good all the way through the river. Sows, scuds, worms, PMD nymphs, midges, and caddis nymphs all in play. This is the time of the year where all your boxes are in the boat, the back seat, the whole kit and caboodle. You can point to all of the fly bins on the nymph side of the store and state that they could all work, and be right.

Starting to see some good rising behaviors from those hungry trout. PMD’s and caddis are the game. More lower than on the upper river. But soon they will be everywhere.

Seems like more pressure in the canyon again this last week. Still canyon happy down there. Upper and lower will find fewer boats.

Izaak’s open 5-10pm for dinner. Get out there and enjoy the river and then enjoy some BBQ.

See you at Headhunters this weekend for any and all of your trout fishing needs.


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