Headhunters Mo River Weekend Fishing Report

Headhunters Mo River Weekend Fishing Report

Headhunters Mo River Weekend Fishing Report

Oh boy. It is good. It is peak season. We are having a ball in Craig Montana and fishing the Missouri River. Here is your Headhunters Mo River Weekend Fishing Report.

Flows: Mid 5K’s. Perfect. Just above historical flows. It really is nice. We love above 5K. Below? Not a s much. Remember that the flows over 5K open up much more dry fly waters and make the bank fishing pretty fun. Below the 5K mark you cannot fish the bank sides as much as the waters are too shallow. The flows will be reduced as the summer moves forward. Enjoy the perfect flows while they last.

Weeds: Not yet. But some are growing. Not too many headed toward the surface as the daytime highs have not been seasonable. They are well below average.We will see. some warmer temps the next ten days with hi’s reaching the 90F mark. Dry fly anglers do not get bothered by weeds.

Water Temps: Perfect again. Temps hovering around 60F. The fish are active. Park and watch them move about at these temps. Amazing. DO some watching out there. Get involved and observe.

River Information: Right here on the information source of all things Missouri River. The most updated, valid, fishing site on the Mo. Headhunters of Craig. Only HH runs the daily. Ready for a new fly shop experience on the Mo?

PMD’s: Not too many coins off the past couple days. Waning? No, not yet. Another 2 to 3 weeks ahead of us. Spinners rule the day. HH is PMD HQ. Honest. Full bins of all the flies. We don’t run out of the good stuff! No way. Can’t find it elsewhere? Try us.Looking for the secret bug? We have the transitional duns and half duns, and knock downs, and emergers, and singing PMD Spinners, and captive duns, and Splitsville Spinners, all of the House of Harrop flies you need, CDC, biot bodied, traditional, new wave, freaky? Yep, we got ’em in Craig.

Caddis: What most of our gang has been offering to the trout the past week. While PMD’s may be the primary insect on the water it does not mean you have to fish them. Just because you may like turkey, and it is everywhere, does not mean that you will pass up a nice slice of Pastrami. Never. Fish eat other flies than PMD’s. You get the point. Caddis are king and caddis flies qualify for fish food too. Downwinged flies. CDC based flies. Not so flat flip flies. They attract trout. And trout get aggressive on the caddis fly.

Yellow Sally’s: I see a few out there. You can fish it. You can catch fish on it.

Trico’s: Nope. Not yet. In the future? Yep. Fer Sure.

Drakes: Nope. But the rest of the bugs have been 12 days late this year. SO plug that into your Brown Drake calculator and see what you come up with. Come in HH for some cool Drake patterns you should add to your large mayfly collection.

Ants: Get some in your box. They are coming!

Traffic: Heavy on the lower. Heavy on the upper. Heavy in the middle. Peak Season man.Busy this weekend? Unreal busy man. Fish early bro.’ Get off early. Nap. Then eat and drink. Repeat. And a reminder. Don’t be a dick. Realize that if you do stupid shit it reflects on all of us.

Tip of the Day: Anchor or approach from afar. The farther you are away, the longer the fish will tolerate you.

Tip #2 today: If you drag the fly on or near the fish on the first cast you go from a 95% shot, to a 5% shot. A 90% turnaround. You choose how you want to play that one. A very common mistake. DON’T DO IT.

Nymphers: Faster riffle waters and mid river mid depth mid pace waters will produce. Short at 2′-3′. Pinch-On. Frenchie. Weight Fly. Or other PMD nymph. The narrow brown looking ones work good. Come by for the Headhunters staff to show you the works on how to rig this popular fish catching technique. Stop in, really. We will rig it up for you and get you on the right track. Education is our jam here at House of HH.

Streamer Anglers: We have a couple decent reports from the stirppers out there. Mornings can bring some good ones to hand. Leeches. Olive. Black. Dry or intermediate lines.

Swingers: Swing up a few on the caddis soft hackle or PMD softie. Fun! Pre weeds man. You got another week or two before you will have to wait until September. The new Sage Trout Spey HD is in stock and ready. Come check out why HH is Montana’s Trout Spey Store! We have it all for the Scandi’s and Skagit-eers!

HH Logo Gear: A well stocked selection of Craiglandia, Dead Drifter, Rasta Trout, Fistful of Whitey, HH Logo, stickers, T’s, hats, Buff’s, hand towels, golf accessories, flasks, Stanley mugs and Thermos’, and more. Fun stuff made in Craig MT. For Headhunters, by Headhunters.

The Headhunter Fly Line: The soft opening has happened. We have introduced a fly line designed by John and Mark called the Headhunter. A dry fly line made for you the dry fly angler. For rivers like the Mo, The Henry’s Fork, the Spring Creeks, the Delaware, Silver Creek. More media and exposure later. But these are going out the door in 4, 5, and 6 weights. Come in and we will get one on your reel before the rest of the world finds out. Come in and ask for the new Headhunters Dry Fly Line made by RIO. Demo lines available as well.

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service: Open daily 630am-9pm. Book your late July and August Trips today! Lodging options with over 30+ cabins. 406-235-3447

Weekend: Rock your weekend. Enjoy. Go outside. Live. Fish.


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