Headhunters Weekend Quick Hits

Headhunters Weekend Quick Hits

Headhunters Weekend Quick Hits

An up to the minute, at least when I wrote this, report and Headhunters Weekend Quick Hits blog from the information leaders in Craig Montana.

  • Water is up. 7310nat time of press. Water temps 47F. Fish the bottoms of islands, insides, and outsides in the afternoons.
  • Look for Midge in the mornings. Running through the afternoons. Griffith’s, clusters, Quig’s Cluster, Buzzballs, Adams. All fit the bill.
  • BWO’s start the afternoons off right. Cripples are king. Try the poly winged versions fro floaty success. Try CDC posted patterns if you are techy and cool!
  • March Browns on the cusp. Best March Brown fly selection on the river!
  • Headhunters Weekend Quick Hits
    Craig Caddis Festival and BBQ Cook-Off May 20th
  • Mother’s Day Caddis rilling in the lower canyon. X Caddis for me is the best. But film patterns get it done. Translucent Pupa as well as his cousin the Translucent Emerger are fantastic options.
  • May is upon us and we are loving it! Easier trout to be had than in July. They are not nearly as smart today as they tend to be tomorrow. Nyphming can be silly good too. And the biggest brown trout of the year typically caught during the May Fishing Fest!
  • Craig Caddis Festival Saturday May 20th 4pm. Come on down and help us raise monies for the Craig Volunteer Fire Department. BBQ Competition will fill your belly with the goods! Spen money in Craig. It helps everybody. Locals, fishing families, retiree’s, firemen, bar patrons, dead beat trout bums…
  • Pink is still in vogue. But the remainder of the flies are getting chance now too. Caddis, Mayflies, and whatever other duck you like to fish will work.
  • Folks fishing up and down the river. Still canyon crazy out there. Fewer up stream. Fewer downstream too as the lower reach is still pretty inconsistent. Synonym tough. Synonym not too many caught per trip. Synonym. Not all the great yet. And those who fish it often like it that way…and the catch rates on the lower reach are just not what they are on the upper river. Fact.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 7am. Get your early bird freak-outs done at Headhunters of Craig with free perked Folger’s. Izaak’s open daily ‘kept Mondays. 4pm til 9pm. On still all hopped up on the ribs. Good tasting stiffs too!

Always free WiFi, cell service, and smiles in downtown Craig.




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