Headhunting with the Sage PULSE

Lots of Headhunters around this month on the Mo. A recent tool of choice?

The PULSE by Sage. My dentist just bought one yesterday.

He’s sold.

He said the PULSE is only half the price of a root canal.

We are too. Our best selling Sage rod this year, and last too. Gotta get your hands on one here at Headhunters. We have the demo rods ready to go. Or just pop in and take one out for keeps. At $450 it is hard to say no. No?

Headhunters are honing their skills for the next ten weeks fishing Montana’s Missouri River. Think bout your tools and whether you want to step it up this year. Casting lessons? Practicing in your cast in the yard? Tying dry fly leaders? Or just fantasizing about sipping trout.

Come on out and make your fantasies into reality this summer with a Sage in your hand.

Enjoy your Sunday if it is not on the river here in central Montana. Enjoy the Sage PULSE video shot right here on the Mighty Mo.

With a Sage PULSE in hand.

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