Hello Monday Tips for Missouri River Love this week

Hello Monday Tips for Missouri River Love this week

Hello Monday: Tips for Missouri River Love this week

Start a bit later if you like the dry fly action. No need to be first boat out. Fewer dry fly anglers means a lazy appropriate start time. Fish the large Adams, along with a small Adams. Am Adams with a sow bug, unweighted, dangled well beyond the top fly. That can create some magic. A baby PT as well. Or a sunken caddis, film fly.

Nymphers like mid morning for the bite to light up as well. Often the nymph bite is better in the afternoon as the fall takes hold of our daily routine. Cooler water temps along with the BWO or Pseudo emergence after the sun crosses the horizon. Fish the super skinny, if you dare!

Cold Pizza for lunch. Best tip ever. Hot chicken broth in your Thermos. Try that one, with a spot of Srircha, cock sauce. Bailey’s and cream in your coffee coupled with crisp ginger snaps. Yo, bro. Mind blower. Hand warmers in your mittens! Hand Ovens. So many tips in this blog you oughtta finally try the shop, Headhunters, next time in Craig.

Clean your fly lines. Even a better tip. Clean fly lines perform better than dirty ones. A clean fly line is lovely. Try it. You might like it.

Not a new tip. Fish new water. If that means fishing different water in your common reach, do it. A new reach? Do it today. New water is fun, damn fun.

Get a Headhunters Fly Line to scratch that dry fly line itch. Available at the shop today. Only 80 bucks. $50 cheaper than the top pricing level today. This is a good tip man. A dry fly line built for dry fly anglers on the Missouri River. Precision, power, and purpose. Get one today! Available in 4, 5, and 6 weights.

We love the fall. Cooler mornings make us smile. Open daily at 7am. Open late as well. Come by for cool new T’s and hats in stock. Autumn new sunglasses? Yep, got ’em. Gloves? Got those too. Stop in and say hello in downtown Craig Montana on your next visit!


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